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About the customer

Vector solutions is one of our renowned clients who delivers online education, safety, compliance, and performance-optimization solutions for the commercial, education and public sectors. They educate people through their training and tools making this world a better place.

It offers thousands of eLearning courses and innovative SaaS applications to meet the needs of individuals as well organizations of any size. They have been serving professionals at over 50 of the top 100 largest districts in the U.S., completing millions of courses each year and help hundreds of thousands of professionals meet CE/PDH requirements, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance.

The company and their programs have been recognized for excellence time and time again, but the best measure of its success is their 95 percent customer renewal rate because of their outstanding service and offers wide variety of solutions through libraries that include 9,000+ courses and software applications available to all clients, regardless of industry, to help meet needs for continuing education, knowledge assessment and certification, compliance and risk management, and performance evaluation and management.

Business Need

Client had an existing standalone LMS stands short for “Learning Management System” through which they used to deliver education courses or training programs and provides options to organize these courses (create them, change them, assign them to students, grade them and provides certificates etc.)

It is logical that immediately after the project is live the system will raise a substantial number of queries and issues, and report numerous incidents, and so for this purpose the client signed a maintenance and enhancement contract with TechAffinity.

Maintenance plays an important role in the software development life cycle since it requires proper understanding of the existing system and the process is very compressed and usually it comprises more than half of the development process again. We had to fix the problems/issues as a part of maintenance and the contract demanded for skills to support application systems, including troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing the legacy systems.

Few key expectations
from Journey:

  • 1. Automation testing

  • 2. Data migration

  • 3. Advanced UI

  • 4. SSRS

  • 5. Coding standards

  • 6. Environment setup

  • 2. Data migration

  • 4. SSRS

  • 6. Environment setup

Our Solution

TechAffinity had to implement new features and make performance improvements, correct faults, improve performance and other attributes to keep the application up-to-date in the changing, competitive environment. In addition, we identified opportunities for optimizing performance for all components being modified as a part of the approved change requests.

Below were the list of activities which was carried out during the solution implementation:


TechAffinity analyzed the test cases and designed the framework for automation testing. We developed the scripts, executed automation testing and reviewed it before delivering it to the client.

  • TechAffinity wrote scripts which performs testing for eLearning courses and continues to check till Question-Answer section before displaying the results.

  • It is the process of customizing software application as per the targeted language and for this we took the scenario to be tested for localization strategy, wrote scripts according to that and collected the results in order to update the scenario as Pass/Fail.

  • We helped the company to overcome huge losses by delivering bug-free releases quickly for all the tickets/issues raised by the users.

Positive Outcome

  • The automated test scripts are reusable which means it can be reused as many times as you need, ultimately saving both time and efforts.

  • Future application enhancements made easy.

  • The testing scripts can be used even if the OS version on the device gets changed.

  • Maintenance and support projects significantly reduces the overall cost and aligns the application with the industry standards. We fixed design flaws which in turn improved the overall product.

  • In future client’s team can execute tests on thousands of browsers, operating systems, and devices quickly, and simultaneously.

  • Since we stuck to coding standards, all codes will be in the same format and regardless of who is next to work on a particular bit of code, the syntax and formatting used will be instantly familiar.

Technology Stack