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About the customer

Weintraub is one of the leading building inspections and forensic companies based in Florida, USA. Client specializes in engineering services, water intrusion, building design evaluation, value structural engineering and forensic investigation.

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Business Need

Client requirement is to develop a web and mobile application to facilitate the private and third party inspections for the buildings. The main business objective is to automate the manual process of Weintraub building inspections starting from creating a community home, assigning inspectors for the Jurisdiction and updating the inspection data in the system.

Admin has to approve the site supervisor for a community or a building/home from the web interface. Supervisor has to make an inspection request for a required job corresponding to a building in a community. Client requires an automatic scheduler for assigning a job to an inspector based on their availability.

The inspector has to perform inspection and be involved in the inspection process till the certificate of completion. Job Card template has to be managed by the admin with the order of inspection types respective to jurisdictions.

Our Solution

To understand the client’s complete business requirement, TechAffinity had a series of calls with the client with brainstorming sessions to finalize the scope. Below were the list of tasks accomplished during the project development phase and the provisions given to the user types in order to provide the right solutions to the client on his business needs and to complete the project successfully.

Our Solution
  • Admin manages multiple segments of data including the master information and has ability to customize job card templates for each jurisdiction.
  • Multi-Level template customization for Job Cards - The Job card template was developed in a way that it can be altered on editing the inspection types by the admin for community and as well as the building level.
  • The system Maintains inspection categories and its inspection types as templates with unique inspection code for each jurisdiction.
  • The communities within the system are managed by the admin. The private and the third party inspectors are mapped to their jurisdictions/divisions from the admin end.
  • The inspectors will be mapped to their region as well as the inspection types for which they are supposed to perform inspections.
  • Automatic Scheduler algorithm is implemented within the system – whenever an inspection request for a building is received from the site supervisor the system will automatically assign the inspectors based on their availability, jurisdiction and their expertise respective to the inspection types.
  • Auto scheduling of inspectors to job card based on skills, limit constraints, location and availability.
  • Auto scheduling of inspectors is also based on priority, if the inspector is already assigned to another inspection in the same community and on the same date, he will be placed to perform inspection based on his capacity limitations.
  • The site supervisor can have the provision to handle multiple communities and buildings inspection requests, the system allows the site supervisor to request for any inspection types respective to building within the site.
  • Site supervisors view the job cards details respective to the buildings along with the inspection status corresponding to the inspection types.
  • Area managers monitors the inspectors and the pending inspections in their jurisdiction or division and the actions can be taken accordingly.
  • System generates the inspection reports in a pdf format. The inspection report will be generated based on the inspection category selection(Private inspection and third party inspection).
  • Implemented logic for calculating the cut off time to perform inspections for a jurisdiction or the divisions based on the inspection category.
  • Configured push notification for the mobile application which alerts the inspectors on inspection requests and the site supervisor on the inspection results.
  • Utilized Amazon S3 (simple storage service) for file storage. This enhances the performance of the system since the files are not residing in the application server which are stored in a separate file server.
Weintraub Aftermath

Positive Outcome

  • Automated process to perform the private and third party inspections for the buildings which reduces the time delay.

  • The replacement of manual processes with automation eliminates the paperwork for the inspectors and is easy for the inspectors to view the previous inspection status of a particular inspection type of a building.

  • Automatic Scheduler algorithm helps to identify the inspectors who are available to perform the inspection. Hence it quickens the building inspection process.

  • Dedicated server for the file storage helps for the better performance of the system.

  • The certificate of the inspection completion for the building is obtained quickly compared to the manual process followed earlier.

Technology Stack

Ruby HTML5 CSS3 jQuery MySQL

Web Application

iOS Android

Mobile Application

Amazon AWS Amazon SES