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Take Advantage of Google's Ad Network

Google is where people search for what to do, where to go and what to buy. We help you to appear high on Google when someone is looking for the products or services you offer. Also, we ensure your ad budget is spent wisely and is performing to the maximum.

Google Search Ads helps your business to place text ads in the search engine results and drive traffic to your website.

Google Display Ads helps your business in showcasing their products/services via various display formats such as static & dynamic image ads, rich media & video ads.

You can promote your business using video content through your Google Ads account. With video advertising, you can engage with your audience on YouTube and other video partner sites.

Pay only when your buyer visits your website. Google Shopping Ads powers you to target your potential buyers and advertise products of buyer's interests.

Retargeting Ads show relevant ads to your audience who had previous interactions with your website or mobile app. Place ads when your audience browses Google & partner websites.

Promote your App Across Google’s Network

Google App Campaigns is a one-stop solution to promote your iOS/Android app with the entire Google Network by offering a unified experience. All you need is an effective ad copy, a working bid strategy, and resources such as static/dynamic image, rich media, videos, etc. App Campaigns, promote your Android/iOS apps across Google Play, Google Search, YouTube, and other Google Networks.

Get more Installs/Download

We optimize your bids and targeting frequently as and when needed to help you get the greatest number of new users for your app.

Drive In-app Actions

We focus on people who are most likely to perform the specified in-app actions set up for the campaign.

Drive In-app Action Value

We focus mainly on the key metric Return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) in this ad format. We target the audience who would generate more value to your app over a period of time.

Get the most out of Google Ads

Witness phenomenal results from Google Ads. All you have to do is to determine your goals and desired actions you want your audience to take, specify nominal budgets, and ad copies that highly converts.

Drive More Website Visits

Get increased website visits to increase online sales, sign-ups, bookings, and more with Google Ads.

Get Relevant Phone Calls

With the click-to-call button, your ads can attract a number of audiences to call and engage with your business.

Increase Potential Shop Visits

People can easily find your business on Google Maps when you run a business ad campaign. As a result, it increases the number of physical store visits.

Benefits of Working with TechAffinity

There are a number of important tasks to be carried out for every campaign. We meticulously strategize and create campaigns by completing these tasks with utmost precision.

Landing Page Design & Development

Landing Page Design & Development

A separate landing page for an Ad campaign is created to effectively track and monitor the performance of the campaign. Landing pages with exceptional UI/UX design standards convert more visitors into your customers.

Highly targeted landing pages will increase your results, and optimization with A/B testing will help you drive more conversions. When Google Ads are coupled with exclusive landing pages, you can quickly take care of the two most important elements of a well-performing Google Ads account.

  • Higher the conversion rate, higher is your ROI.

  • Explore new channels for conversion rate optimization.

You don't have to find someone else to design and develop your landing pages. We do both - Google Ads management and landing page creation. Let us handle them and you focus on what matters the most to your business.

Why TechAffinity for Google Ads Management?

  • Rigorous Marketing Spend Optimization

  • Expert Team of Digital Marketers

  • Robust Campaign Management

We now support Bing Ads Management. Find out more!

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