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App downloads occur directly after a search


Mobile users search to find new apps


Google search results now show top Play Store results


Why is App Store Optimization Vital for your Mobile App?

Research - Optimize - Repeat

What does ASO mean? App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process that optimizes various aspects of your app’s metadata and app store presentation to stand out from the crowd in an app store’s search page. App optimization includes optimizing various elements of your app as they are essential in an app’s success strategy.

Improve Discoverability

It is important to stand out from the competition and you can achieve it by optimizing your app’s presentation. Several factors such as app titles, app icons, descriptions and subtitles can be optimized to reach the right audience.

Improve Conversion Rate

As an experienced publisher, we know how crucial it is to convey the right message to local audiences. With localized app pages and A/B visual testing, we improve your app rankings.

Competitors Analysis

Deep dive with the help of custom competitor reports, you can understand their accomplishments and also refrain yourself from their errors.

TechAffinity’s ASO Program

Managed ASO Strategies

The aim of our Managed ASO Program is to improve your Apple App Store and Google Play Store ranking and increase your organic downloads. With the help of A/B testing and keyword optimization, our ASO specialists, designers and content marketers help achieve the best results for your app.

ASO Audit & Report

We analyze your app’s performance on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and gain insights on key areas where improvements are possible. Our comprehensive analysis report offers insights on gaps in metadata optimization, and other recommendations for localizing, ranking your app higher, and more.

Why TechAffinity as your ASO Service Provider?

As a leading mobile app development and digital marketing company, we understand the working of mobile app success and user behavior.

Dedicated Project Manager

We offer dedicated project managers for small and big projects. Our dedicated project manager will report the improvements at regular intervals of time.

Increase your Revenue & ROI

Our approach towards ASO services aims at 2 goals: increased leads & increased ROI. To achieve that, we focus on increasing the number of app downloads.

Regular Reporting

We ensure you receive regular performance reports from our end, and also create a roadmap based on the reports to enhance the performance of your app.

World Class Learning Software for All

We possess extensive domain expertise and engineering capabilities, enabling us to offer educational software development services to schools, universities, enterprises across various industries, as well as edtech companies and startups.

Educational Organizations

Create user-friendly educational software that empowers institutions to enhance remote learning or elevate the in-school experience, customize education to make it more engaging, and streamline the management of student performance.


We help craft diverse corporate learning tools to streamline new employee onboarding, promote employee skill development through single or continuous training sessions, advance training progress and evaluation, and enable the creation of educational content.

Education Tech Innovators

We can help you address skill deficiencies in your project and provide support with business analysis, technology selection, UX/UI design, specific feature or comprehensive edtech app development, software quality testing, and ongoing support after release.

Need to build a mobile app? Build one with us! We take care from development to publishing to ASO.


App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving app visibility within app stores and increasing app conversion rates. It focuses on ranking apps high in app store search results and on click-through rates.

Most people discover apps through app store search. The higher the app ranks in the search results, the greater the chances of finding the right audience. This helps in maximizing app downloads and app location goes up in the app store. As a result, the app will be among the most downloaded apps and in top 5-10 search results.

Place the strongest and more relevant key phrases in the App Name. Since the App Name has more weight in the algorithm, place your best keywords and key phrases here. The more relevant the term, the higher the conversion. When using key phrases, don't break them with other words.

Start by identifying the likely keywords. The keywords list should include the app’s features, benefits, and related keywords. Filter out the low volume and non-popular keywords. Look up the popularity for each keyword in tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, App Intelligence. Find the keywords you can compete for and the apps on top primarily using their downloads and take their keywords. Identify the top 5-10 keywords and integrate them into your app name and description.

Appealing titles help people remember it, which gives the app a higher recognition value. The name should have keywords describing your app as well as purpose, brand, differentiation, and other distinguishing features. The keywords placed in the title should have a decent amount of search traffic. Spending time researching which keyword fit is extremely crucial. Keep the changes to your app title minimal. Google allows up to 50 characters for the name and Apple gives you 30 characters for the name + 30 characters for the subtitle.

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