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About the customer

JCDecaux a multinational corporation based in France, known for its bus-stop advertising systems, billboards, public bicycle rental systems, and street furniture. It is the largest outdoor advertising corporation in the world and has been the only international player focused exclusively on outdoor advertising, developing 3 areas of business: street furniture, transport advertising and billboard advertising. JCDecaux currently employs more than 13,030 people worldwide and maintains a presence in over 75 countries.

Business Need

JCD was using Freshworks product to maintain the inventory records but later realized that it was not flexible enough to fit their specific business needs and that it was hard to maintain. Freshservice had no option for JCD to track an issue associated with an asset and they were unable to integrate with other applications without an expert programmer. Hence JCD Air was developed to make it easier for the field agents to rise and view tickets assigned to them in case of an issue. Through JCD air client had complete track of a situation and was easier to manage with increased security. Below were few key expectations from JCD:

Custom-built asset management system to reflect JCD branding

  • Create Simple and Secure Login for users.

  • Record & store the ticket made by field agents and agents

  • Manage the status of the tickets.

  • Effortlessly track down the asset location.

  • Real Time Monitoring system

  • Person Tracking

  • Submit safety reports

  • Beacon devices

  • Permit work system

  • BlueFox

  • Device Dashboard

  • Employee Training

Our Solution

TechAffinity first started with understanding and evaluating the client business and requirements. We then gathered certain information that helped us in taking the requirements forward and implementing the right steps. Once we are aware about what the client wants in terms of functionalities, features, scalability and security, we broke down the requirements from the development perspective to proceed further. We then consider different development approaches that help in converting our client goals from development perspective to business perspective and best addresses their unique requirements. Below were the list of activities which was carried out during the solution implementation:


Though Fresh service as a portal initially had few limitation for the customization requests. TechAffinity alongside with Freshworks team customized the portal completely to match JCD’s branding.

  • Instead of creating a new log-in account especially for this app, users can login using their mobile number registered with fresh services. This is mainly achieved with the help of API services in order to simplify the login process for the users.

  • A one-stop shop where field agents and assignee can quickly and easily submit their tickets and reach out to get the issue solved at the earliest.

  • With this application assignee can manage an issue and assign task to desired field agents to inspect an asset. Even the field agents can view the task assigned to them and can change the status of the same.

  • The application made easier for the field agents to pin point the asset location via maps. Our team provided an exceptional opportunity for the client to manage the maps dynamically from the back-end to avoid complications in the future.

  • Through this feature users can view the list of assets and tickets underneath a location. User can view the details of the ticket and can change the status of the same with ease.

  • The Personal Tracking System stores the details of the users and information regarding the recent updates linked to an asset in order to provide even more tracking information and enabling a more accurate reading

  • TUsers can view and report on safety issues to the admin team through this application which saves time by allowing safety matters to be handled and respond quickly.


The project reads the sensor data from the asset and transmit it to the smart phones through Bluetooth module.

  • Field agents sends the data to the ubudu manager database and our team hits the database through an API service round-the-clock on a fixed interval basis to automatically rise tickets in Freshservice on a pre-defined conditions which can be managed from the web admin interface.

  • The application is set to communicate with the database every 3 hour and rise a ticket in the Freshservice portal in case the battery level is below 20 percent or the assets detail has not been updated for the past two days.

  • Every time the application hits the database, same ticket is been created since it fails on the pre-defined condition. To avoid duplicate entries our team created a system where only a note is been sent as a reminder for the same ticket unless the status of the ticket is been changed.

  • Admin can view the details of the beacon devices and have a provision to search the details of a particular device.

Positive Outcome

  • JCD AIR application was developed to track the asset status and raise the ticket against the issue. Both User and Admin can access the application to create the ticket and update the status of opened tickets.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) facility to access the JCD AIR. Users make use of their existing phone number linked with Freshservice to access the application.

  • The application is been developed using the concept of API which makes the data migration process easier and can extend the development to various platform in the future in case of need.

  • Data through Bluetooth – Data transfer through Bluetooth allows sensors to communicate data without wires, USB converters, Wi-Fi or any other connection and due to its standardization and long-term use globally, Bluetooth is one of the least expensive, ubiquitous technologies of all the IoT options.

  • Role-based access control - The security process of assigning specific rules or policies to individual users, or groups of users, who are connected to the JCD network. Employees are only allowed to access the information necessary to effectively perform their job duties.

Technology Stack