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5 Reasons to Have ReactJS for Front-End

React JS for frontend

Your website is one of the channels to market your business. Being a marketing channel, your website is going to take a lot of responsibilities in representing your business, ideas, solutions, and more. Make sure your website welcomes visitors with a rich user interface and experience. Your website plays a vital role in establishing your presence across the globe, and soothing visuals influence the visitor’s perception of your brand. Since the visitors can only view the frontend of your website, here are five reasons to have React JS for front-end and deliver rich UI. Taking these with a grain of salt would be a terrible mistake.


A development platform should provide powerful developer toolset to its developers. For React, Redux Developer Tools and React Developer Tools are the two major tools. Both these tools can be installed as Google Chrome extensions.


React is built well enough to protect the complex internals from exposing it to the users. Thus, it has a powerful and perfect abstraction.

In order to have a clear abstraction, you don’t have to learn internal processes like digest cycles. But, this is the case with Angular. When compared with Angular, you only need to be well-versed with a component’s props, states and life cycles to accomplish everything you need through React.

Also, React cuts you free from the pattern and architecture strings, and you don’t even have to think about MVC/MVMM. You are free to design your application’s architecture as per your taste.


With the help of JSX, you can write HTML-like codes into JavaScript. React accomplishes the rest by transforming the JSX into React compatible codes. Though there are a plethora of debates over whether to combine HTML with JavaScript or not in the same file, it is super convenient for some developers. With the basic HTML syntax knowledge, it is quite easy to figure out the structure of the component or a page.


React Native is an add-on to your skill when you learn React JS. The creators of React say it’s a ‘learn once write anywhere’ library and React Native enables you to write native apps for Android and iOS. Certainly, you can’t use the same code for web and applications but, you can use the same architecture and methodology.


Facebook developed/created and maintains the React JS Library, and it is one of a kind open-source community. The community provides a plethora of React oriented solutions for whatever problems you face. The libraries provide solutions that include different buttons, modals, progress bars, etc. There are React libraries for form validation as well as data visualization. Hence, the possibilities with React JS is endless with the documentation and resources available online.

We all know that efficiency is never equal to 1. It’s not an exception for React as well. Though React does have some cons, it is globally agreed that the pros outnumber the cons of React. One such pro is that, with virtual DOM, it is extremely fast! Hence, using React JS for front-end, enjoy developing applications with rich UI!

We, at TechAffinity, deliver web/mobile apps with rich UI/UX designs. Our experts have hands-on experience in building cognitive web UI using React JS library. With React JS for front-end, the UI of your website will be taken to a whole new level. You can send us your queries at or get in touch with us by scheduling a meeting.

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