7 Best Marketing Automation Tools

What is Marketing Automation? 

Marketing automation is the process of streamlining your marketing activities to bring out better results in the short period of time. Marketing automation tools are mainly used to perform repetitive tasks, and to spot the targeted customers with more personalized messages. Marketing automation can be used in several channels such as email marketing, social media, live chat and more.

Quick Stats about marketing automation: 

  • 91% of marketers say marketing automation software is “essential” for their business – Invespcro
  • Marketing automation generates 451% more qualified leads – Moosend
  • 90% of marketers regularly use more than one form of marketing automation software – G2
  • By 2023, global spending on marketing automation tools will grow by 14% annually surpassing $25 billion – Instapage
  • You can generate a 10+% increase in revenue within 6-9 months if you automate your lead management – Automate Online

In order to make your workflow more efficient and flawless, it is important to enable marketing automation for your business. Now, let’s see the 7 best marketing automation tools to keep your business active 24/7. 

7 Best Marketing Automation Tools
  • Marketo – All-in-one Automation
  • Buffer – Social Automation
  • Constant contact – Email Automation
  • LeadFeeder – Customer Journey Automation
  • AdRoll – Advertising Automation
  • DialogTech – Call Automation
  • Prisync – Pricing Automation
1. Marketo:

Marketo is basically a cloud-based software which helps both small and large scale businesses to enhance customer relationships. Marketo enables you to drive more revenue, along with lead management, email marketing, mobile marketing and much more. That’s the reason we categorized it as an all-in-one automation tool. Marketo offers a free trial, so you can play around with this software before proceeding to purchase. Marketo doesn’t disclose their pricing details upright. You have to contact Marketo for pricing information.

2. Buffer:

Buffer is the ideal choice for successful social media management. Any business who wants to strengthen their social media presence can go for a buffer. Buffer not only helps you automate your social posts but also offers comprehensive analytics reports. Based on business needs, buffer classified their plans into five different types ranging from $15 to $99. Buffer also provides 14 days free trial. So if you haven’t tried it, then give it a try.

3. Constant contact:

Constant contact is the perfect tool to automate your email marketing. The focal point of this software is, it is completely user friendly even a novice can fluently handle this software with ease. But that doesn’t mean that it has only basic features. Constant contact holds all the necessary features to run a wealthy email campaign. With the help of constant contact, you can easily create automated trigger campaigns, send segmented follow-up messages, and even you can manage events invitations, registrations, tickets and more.

4. LeadFeeder:

Even a single user who visits your website can produce a massive hike on your business revenue. But to acquire those leads, you need a powerful automation tool. That’s where Leadfeeder comes in. Leadfeeder helps you capture a large amount of leads from your website. Leadfeeder provides you the list of companies that visit your website. You even have an option to send you a notification whenever a new lead pop-up. Leadfeeder has both a free and paid plan. In free plan, you will get a basic version with limited features offered. You can unlock all the features available in leadfeeder with just $55/month.

5. AdRoll:

AdRoll is an advertising software that helps you retarget users who previously engaged with your business on Facebook, Twitter, and on the web. With the help of AdRoll, you can serve a personalized user experience to your customer for a better output. Some of the important features of AdRoll are cross-platform retargeting capabilities, transparent analytics report, flexible segmentions and more. AdRoll offers 14 free trials with zero commitment. Just like Marketo, you have to contact AdRoll for pricing information.

6. Dialog Tech:

If you are dealing with voice-based marketing, then Dialog Tech is an ideal choice for your business. Dialog Tech gives you a helping hand to automate your calls and to optimize voice interaction. Dialog Tech involves several features such as call-tracking, conversation analytics, phone survey, geolocation routing, voice broadcasts, SMS and much more. One of the impressive features of Dialog Tech is, you can even track your customers’ reactions after hearing certain keywords. To know pricing information, contact Dialog Tech.

7. Prisyc:

Hereafter, You don’t need to spend much time to manually monitor your competitor pricing. You can easily automate this process with Prisync. Prisync is an automation software exclusively designed for eCommerce. Prisync is basically a competitor price tracking software. This tool keeps track of your competitor price and automatically updates your pricing based on what your competitors offer. Prisync offers 14 days free trial and it’s pricing ranges from $59 to $229.


In this eventful world, it is not a wise decision to perform a manual task. So, start to streamline your work with these powerful marketing automation tools. If you need any assistance to automate your marketing task, please feel free to write an email to media@techaffinity.com or schedule a meeting with us to discuss more.