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13 Reasons Why You Should Use Google’s Android App Bundle

App Publishing in Android App Bundle - TechAffinity

As an app developer, it is vital to start app publishing with Android’s official publishing platform, Android App BundleAndroid App BundleAn Android App Bundle is a new upload format that includes all your app’s compiled code and resources, but defers APK generation and signing to Google Play.. According to Google, Android App Bundle is “Android’s new, official publishing format that offers a more efficient way to build and release your app.”  More than 100,000 apps today publish with the Android App Bundle, including NetFlix. Here are 13 reasons for app publishing with Android Bundle.

1. Lower App size 

On average, apps see 20% size savings compared to Universal APKAPKAndroid Package (APK) is the package file format used by the Android operating system for the distribution and installation of mobile apps and middleware.. The app size report on the Play Console helps estimate how much could be saved in terms of size.

2. Faster Download

Any user loves to see faster downloads and customized UI for a mobile app, Google Play ensures that the app can be tailored to each device available which boosts downloads and the number of installs.

3. Native code integration

Get your app 64-bit ready without making too many changes to its size and configuration. Google Play offers native code integration as per the device.

4. Avoid multi-APK releases

Google Play gets the device configuration right based on the device, there is no need for creating multi-APK releases, making the process faster and better.

5. Decrease uninstalls

With customizable device configurations & lower app size, there are fewer uninstalls since the user can tap into the best experience with the least friction.

6. Increasing installs

As releases shorten and updates roll in, UI keeps getting dynamic and more engaging. The number of installs remain steady and gradually grow with time.

Higher app installs with the Bundle | TechAffinity
7. Boost up engineering velocity

By building dynamic and independent modules, your mobile app can be built, designed, tested and released in double-quick time. The engineering velocity gets a major boost with the Android bundle.

8. Ease of code refactoring

The code refactoring is relatively easy and convenient to scale up the features of the mobile app as your app begins to grow and capture the market.

9. Modular app development

Since modules are built independent, it becomes simpler to upgrade features with each successive release.

10. Dynamic delivery options

These apps can be integrated with dynamic and modifiable delivery features like options to choose a location, user’s SDK, AR/VR features, etc.

11. Additional reporting and optimization support

When publishing with the App bundle, Play ConsolePlay ConsoleThe Google Play Developer Console is your home for publishing operations and tools. You can manage all phases of publishing on Google Play through the Developer Console, from any web browser. offers additional reporting and optimization support which is not available in other publishing platforms.

12. Security to key loss.

By opting for app sign in, Google Play ensures you get protected against key loss. Use this feature, and you can retrieve your lost key by confirming identity on Google and getting a new upload key.

13. Upgrade to a stronger key

In addition, Google PlayGoogle PlayGoogle Play is Google's renamed and rebranded Android Market online store for purchasing and downloading apps, music, books, movies and similar content for use on Android-powered smartphones, tablets, Google TV and similar devices. also helps in upgrading a compromised or a weak key into a stronger, cryptographically key through an upgrade key request option.

By ensuring dynamic delivery and more exciting features for the future, Android Bundle is a great platform for publishing your apps. This is where the future lies. Being a mobile app development company, TechAffinity helps you stay ahead of the competition with our service and expertise. We help you get the most of your mobile apps with simple and effective strategies. Please send your queries to and schedule a meeting with our experts.

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