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7 Ways CRM Systems Improve Customer Experience

CRM System Improve Customer Experience - TechAffinity

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used by companies to better understand their customer, their purchase journey, and deal with the past interactions made with the customers. They could be existing customers as well as prospective customers. A host of businesses leverage the power of CRM in tracking individual clients. This helps in knowing your customers better, and by studying their history and problems, you can provide better customer service.

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is nothing but delivering a delightful impression of your brand with your customer during all the stages of the customer journey.

With the digitally aware customer base, customer experience is becoming the new battlefield for many companies. This is why it is becoming a must for businesses to know the entire customer journey and deliver a memorable customer experience.

Why is Customer Experience so Important?

According to Adobe’s Digital Trends 2020, 36% of companies at the forefront of customer experience said they exceeded their top business goal by a significant margin, compared with only 12% of mainstream companies. 

As per a PWC Report, with great customer experience, 63% of customers are willing to share more personal information. At the same time, 54% of the customers say customer experience needs improvement in the US. With this in mind, it is now clear why customer experience plays a crucial role in today’s competitive environment to run a successful business. 

How to Use CRM for Ensuring Great Customer Experience
1. Staying in Touch with Customers

Continuing and lasting communication is the backbone of great customer experience. This has led to businesses connecting well with their customers and building their brand loyalty and support.

This is where a CRM system can help since it has a lot of useful information about your customers and how customer interactions occur. Interactions such as past conversations and history of purchases can be quite useful for this purpose.

Having analyzed this data, you can then reach out to your customers and then update them with the latest information such as events, send newsletters, or other initiatives. The advantage of CRM software is that you can segment your audience and then send different messages to the segmented audience based on their interests.

2. Listening to your Customers 

The new-age customer is opinionated and shares views openly across channels and especially on social media. To stay in touch with the market trends and the current topic of interest, it is essential to tune in to the social conversations and engage actively with the customer. The customer needs to be heard and supported in real-time.

Asking for suggestions and feedback from customers is one of the suggested ways of getting the customer involved in improving the overall customer experience. By sending surveys through email campaigns, you can ask for customer feedback about products and services. 

When the customer feels valued, they are more likely to engage more with your brand – and this might result in better customer retention.

3. Building Personal Relationships

Building a one-on-one relationship with your customer can pay rich dividends in the long term for any business. One of the ways of doing this is through personalizing the customer experience.

Today, a customer interacts with your website through different channels such as email, social media, website, and text messaging. Similarly, this interaction can also occur through departments such as marketing, sales, and customer care. 

A CRM system is capable of storing all this information, and during an interaction, you can gain valuable information about the customer through this process. Now, you can have a holistic view of what your customer is going through from the point of entry to exit.

Using this information, you can provide a unique experience to your customer by making it a practice to call them by their first name or by being proactive and showing urgency in solving their problems as soon as possible.

Personalizing your customer experience creates a positive bias in the mind of the customer about your company.

4. Providing Customers What They Want

Customers have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of options now. To gain their attention and approval, you need to provide them with something relevant that keeps them interested.

A CRM system provides an accurate summary of what your customer is looking for based on their search history. Leveraging this to your advantage can help offer the best possible solutions to customer problems. Thus, it helps in figuring out the needs of the customer.

5. Comprehensive Customer Support

Great customer experience is accompanied by equally great and competent customer support. This means you need to be available to your customers as and when they need you to assist them with some issues.

Customers tend to prefer online communication for handling their issues and for solving their problems. This is where CRM proves so effective. 

As soon as the customer sends in the complaint, it gets logged into the software which takes to a central repository. Thus, it makes sure no information is lost. You can also send a follow-up email communicating that it has been received.

You can add information such as tracking number, the status of the request, and even FAQs, to communicate what actions are being taken to solve the issue.

6. Quick Response to All Requests

With speed, ease, and convenience as the key factors behind great customer experience, customers expect a quick response to their queries.

Though this is quite practical, most of the companies still struggle to respond to customer emails with a sense of urgency. But using CRM software, you can overcome this situation.

One way is to have ready-made email templates tailored to customers’ questions that are most frequently repeated so that it can save time for the support team. It also helps with creating a consistent brand tone for your company.

7. Being in Sync with the Customer

The customer wants to be heard and to be spoken to more often than ever before. This means you need to evolve and talk to them at their convenience. Speed is a crucial part of closing deals when it comes to the new age customer. Since there are a lot of competing offers, even a few minutes can decide the fate of your business deal.

Mobile CRM is a tool that comes in handy whenever you need to suggest possible products or services to your customers. You can also use this to answer customer queries and never keep your customer waiting.

Final Thoughts

The new-age customer is demanding and wants the best customer experience at all times. The expectation is to do business as per their convenience. It is also necessary to know in-depth details about customer behavior, understand their context, and provide solutions that cater to their needs.

A CRM software takes a 360 degree view of the customer journey which paves the way for a great customer experience. At TechAffinity, we provide our customers with the best CRM strategies and solutions. For further queries, you can reach us by dropping a mail at or you can schedule a meeting.

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