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Is Flutter a good choice for Web Application Development?


With quite 2 million users, Flutter is one of the foremost widely used open-source SDK by Google. Also, Flutter has confirmed its presence with over 1.5lakh apps in Play Store. Initially released in 2017, it gained massive demand in Mobile application development. 

Flutter 1 offered web support in the beta. Hence, it required developers to write different codes for various platforms and browsers. Flutter 2.0 version raised with a set of new features, and offers a similar experience on both mobile and web. The focus remains to be Flutter’s constant transition from ancient platforms like mobile to support net apps, as well as desktop and collapsible screens.

 Here’s what the official announcement states: 

“With Flutter, a combine will be available. the same basic code to ship native applications to five. operational systems ios, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux, but as web experiences targeting browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. Flutter will even be embedded in cars, TVs, and sensible home appliances, providing the foremost pervasive And moveable expertise for a close computing world.”

Trend of Flutter 2.0

If you intend to develop an application for mobile and web simultaneously, Flutter can be your go to solution. Building your whole product from one codebase with one team of developers could sound unbelievable, however it’s attainable now. 

With the Flutter 2.0 upgrade,Google attempted to achieve two things. First, it integrated Flutter’s options, and second, it extended on the far side mobile to support apps for net, desktop, and collapsible devices.. Flutter 2.0 allows us to use a similar codebase to iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS also, it provides web experiences for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers. You can additionally implant Flutter two.0 in sensible home devices, TVs, cars, thereby providing a very pervasive and moveable digital expertise.

If you are coming up with different questions like, why should you try flutter for your next project? What are the merits that your business can get from flutter web development? If you are the person who makes all the right decisions related to the effective tech stack in your company, then you will find this information helpful.

1. It’s stable and production-ready

According to Flutter’s journal on Medium, Flutter two revision is addressing quite 24.5 thousand problems compared with Flutter version one. The powerful community joined and is helping to develop an upgraded framework. Therefore, Flutter 2 is ideal for developing fast, portable and efficient applications.

The updated Flutter 2 is appropriate for all platforms. Developers have provision to use one codebase to enhance apps to any operating system – from Android, iOS, and Windows to macOS or Linux (part of them are in beta-versions). Flutter is also appropriate for smart TV and home appliances. 

2. Add-to-App

Developers can add Flutter to their existing mobile apps now. Google has discharged an Add-to-App feature that permits developers to use the Flutter code over iOS and automaton and at a similar time store your existing native codebase. The APIs that empower this indexed on Flutter. dev alongside sample projects that demonstrate the new pattern. These Apis ar inside the beta channel, and this add on permits developers to contribute numerous precedents of the Flutter engine in native applications.

3. Flutter Desktop

As mentioned, Google has stretched Flutter to desktop. To attain this, the company has partnered with. Canonical to support Flutter app development and deployment on Linux. Canonical is on its thanks to offer wealthy experiences across hardware configurations, with Flutter being their main alternative for desktop and mobile applications

4. The adaptability of apps to any platforms

Adaptability is the main feature of Flutter 2. A multi-platform app called “Flutter Folio” demonstrates how it works. Folio looks attractive on screens of different sizes, and that is precisely what developers wanted to achieve.  

5. Better support for PWA and SPA

Recent days, Flutter’s web support is best for Progressive net apps (PWAS) that mix the web’s reach with the capabilities of a desktop app. 

Single page apps (SPAS) that load once and transmit information to and from net services.

Bringing existing Flutter mobile apps to the online, sanctionative shared code for each experience.

6. Better team management:

 When it comes to the application process, it is one of the complex processes that involve a lot of programmers and developers. Compared to other development platforms, Flutter app development needs a small team which incorporates a project manager and a developer with a QA analyst. The small team is very easy to handle and as an entrepreneur, you need to pay attention to every member task because the single code can make an app for iOS and android.

Shift to Flutter Now

In the past years, Flutter has been the proposed mobile application development toolkit for businesses, thanks to its efficient and extremely climbable development capabilities. Now, with Flutter a pair of, Google brings a brand new generation of technology that’s a superb suited cross-platform app development. 

Some reasons why you could choose Flutter for app development are:

  • Reduced code development time
  • Increased time-to-market speed
  • Native app-like performance
  • Same UI across platforms
  • Seamless platform-specific logical implementation

Organizations want to keep on innovating as the tech era is evolving. So, the companies can have the advantage of go-to-market initiatives. It is even more important to select a framework that evolved as per the market demand so that organizations don’t have to face the risk of obsolete technologies. The Flutter 2.0 release has introduced new opportunities in the fields of not only mobile development but also in web and desktop. 

Since the release of Flutter 2 is only recent, it may be possible that you might be sceptical about the use of Flutter 2 for your next project. If that is the case, it is crucial to know the advantages that Flutter 2 brings to the table for app development. Please reach us at to know more about how we can support you.

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