Laravel – Trending framework for web application development

Laravel trending framework

When it comes to developing fast, secure and reliable web applications, Laravel is the most preferred choice today. Laravel is the fastest growing open source PHP framework today which follows MVC architecture. There are many reasons for this huge success of Laravel and we are going to discuss some of them in detail below.

1. Built-in Authorization & Authentication

Laravel provides both authorization and authentication services out of the box. Laravel offers Authorization actions through gates and policies.

Gates are similar to routes which determine whether a user is authorized to carry out an action or not.

Policies are similar to controllers which define the set of authorization logic on a particular model. It is defined using make:policy command.

php artisan make:policy PostPolicy

You can locate the Authentication logic in the file config/auth.php. This is defined using guards and providers.

2. Artisan

Artisan is one of the biggest reasons why developers prefer Laravel over other PHP frameworks. It is a command line interface provided by Laravel with which you can interact with your application using commands. Artisan comes with a big list of built-in commands with which you can build the application. To view the list of commands available just type

php artisan list

As a developer, you can also create your own commands in Artisan using the make:command as shown below.

php artisan make:command commandname

3. ORM

Database management is core to all kinds of applications. Laravel makes it extremely easy to manage database operations using the built-in Eloquent ORM. It is one of the simplest query builder for reading and writing information in the database. Each table is associated with a corresponding model that is used to access the table.

4. MVC Architecture

Laravel is built on a well defined MVC architecture which is what makes it easy to learn even for amateurs. MVC architecture results in a highly efficient code and also makes it easy for documentation. Laravel strictly Implements MVC using Model, views and controllers.

5. Migrations

Migrations offer version control for your databases in Laravel. This makes it easier to modify database schema by various team members. Migrations also contain the time stamp which makes it easy to determine when the changes are made. This is achieved using the make:migrations command

php artisan make:migration create_users_table

6. Blade template engine

Laravel’s blade is by far the easiest template engine among all PHP frameworks. Unlike most of the frameworks, Blade offers you to use HTML to along with PHP for views. There are separate widgets available for coding JavaScript and CSS.

7. Highly Secured

One of the important aspects of a good framework is the security it provides. This is where Laravel outranks most of its peers. Laravel never store passwords as plain text in the database, instead, it uses a hashed password.

8. Easy to learn tutorials: Laracasts

Laracasts is a video tutorial website which offers screencasts on various web technologies like PHP, Laravel, CSS, JS, etc The Laravel screencasts on this platform are very well documented and is easy to learn. Presence and growth of Laracast is helping 1000s of developers to learn and master Laravel.

9. Cloud Platform Support

Laravel is supported by many cloud platforms like Google app engine, Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon AWS, etc. Laravel also offers seamless cloud server provisioning and deployment using their product called Forge.

We have covered some of the factors which is making Laravel the most preferred choice for application development today.

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