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Hybrid Migration Approach from Angular JS to latest stable version of Angular


Angular is a restructured and robust version of the best component of AngularJS. Angular is a TypeScript open-source web application framework developed and evolved by the Angular Team at Google and by the community of Angular developers. Angular is entirely a new version of structured code base built by the team which initially built AngularJS.  Asynchronous template compilations and Dynamic loading are some of the major differences of Angular from Angular JS. The latest active and the stable version of Angular is Angular v15 released on November 2022. This new version mainly focusses on the stability, it has numerous new features and add-ons released with a vision to deliver a better developer experience and uncompromising performance.

Significant attribute on the Angular v15 is the stable standalone APIs which enable developers to build applications without using NgModules. In the hybrid Angular migration approach, the migration happens in sequential phases but finally results in all features being migrated to latest stable version of Angular. Hence the development effort required will be similar to that of new system development. If there are new features being enhanced or incorporated during the migration process, these modules or the functionality will need to be implemented in the old and the new system, resulting in increasing development costs for new system development based on the complexity and intensity of the new functionalities.


In the hybrid approach, developers can manage both the code simultaneously during the migration process. Angular provides a very effective library for the same called the ngUpgrade library.

Hybrid migration facilitates to mix and match the components of Angular JS and Angular in the application. Through the help of the ngUpgrade library, these components can interoperate with each other seamlessly making the migration easier.

The ngUpgrade library provides the developer community with a very powerful tool called the UpgradeModule that helps throughout the migration process. This module has the utilities for bootstrapping and also for managing hybrid applications, hence it supports both Angular and AngularJS code.

ngUpgrade library helps to execute the code simultaneously enabling the services and components of one framework to interoperate with the services and components managed by the other framework.

The Hybrid Angular migration approach ensures both versions i.e. The old Angular JS system and latest stable Angular version will be working together during the migration time, facilitating the possibility of new functionalities to be developed concurrently at the same time (if required). In this approach, the first source code and build process is made available and then it should switch to webpack, which makes the rest of the steps much easier. 

Hybrid Approach is preferable when the client wants to migrate the application in an incremental way so that the old application would be in live until the new migration/upgrade is completely over. In this approach, the new code resides with the old until the migration process is over. The AngularJS/Angular-hybrid module allows the developer to run and maintain the operations of two different frameworks simultaneously within a single project. The new functionalities are implemented in the new framework, and the old functionalities or the modules are being migrated with a constant approach, without affecting the application performance as a whole.

Final Thoughts

We at TechAffinity, have experts who are well versed and have worked on the Hybrid Migration Approach from Angular JS to latest stable version of Angular. In the past, our team has successfully implemented the Hybrid Angular migration projects for our client’s projects which worked seamlessly. You can shoot your queries to and our team will get in touch with you.

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