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What is PHP? & Why PHP is a great choice for Web Development?


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor which was previously called a “personal home page.” It is a commonly used open-source scripting language and is used to develop both static and dynamic website/web application. The best part about PHP is, you can embed PHP to HTML code.

Why Choose PHP for web development services

Technology is growing at a faster pace, and there are different ways of creating a website. Of course, WordPress (CMS) is chosen by many but, it comes with specific limitations and restrictions.

When you are building a professional website, you need to keep speed, layout, and security in mind. Fortunately, you can easily enable these metrics on PHP. According to a survey, developers from all over the world feel comfortable working on PHP for web development when compared to other programming languages.


1. Open Source: The main advantage of using PHP is that it is open-source. So, unlike other programming languages, you need not pay any licensing fees. Since it is open-source, it is open to everyone, and you can use it anywhere at any time. When comes to coding control is very important. In PHP, you will get decent control over the code. So, you can easily customize and tailor the product as you like.

2. User-Friendly: PHP is the favorite choice for many website developers because it is easy to use. Unlike other traditional programming languages, PHP is clear and well organized. It doesn’t require any study material or catalog to learn. Even a beginner can easily understand the command functions of PHP. Also, coding in PHP is not a big deal as it is similar to the C language. So, people who know C language can easily code PHP.

3. Effortless Database Connection: E-commerce websites need a very strong database management system (DBMS). Luckily, PHP has a built-in module, which makes the entire process much easier. That’s why it has a very good demand for PHP web development company. Also, it reduces the time required to develop a website with a good DBMS.

4. Less vulnerable: PHP has separate built-in security features which protect the website from several security threats. Though there prevails a wide-spread opinion of open-source being insecure, PHP refrains itself from those opinions. Moreover, PHP developers can easily ignore common threats like data tampering, SQL injections, and more.

5. Highly Scalable: PHP is highly flexible. No matter whether it is an ongoing project or a completed project, editing the scripting language is very annoying for the developers. But in PHP there is a unique feature. Using that feature, you can modify the script at any point in time. So, the programmer doesn’t have to rewrite the code or command function again. Hence, you can save a lot of time.

6. Performance: PHP scripts execute much faster than other programming languages with several independent benchmarks which makes it compete with its alternatives such as ASP.NET, JSP, PERL, etc. PHP 5.0 was fully refurbished with an upgraded memory manager to optimize its performance. In PHP, a third-party accelerator is also available to enhance additional performance and response time.

Hence, when you want to build a website/web application with an efficient and effective DBMS, you can go ahead with PHP. We have hands-on experience in PHP for web development, and you can get in touch with us by sending an email to

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