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Small and medium businesses struggling with their Digital Footprint

How do large companies keep their digital footprint fresh and engaging? Do they have a team of marketing professionals sitting in a room tweeting all day long? As a small or medium enterprises are you struggling with budget constraints to keep digital content new and fresh? Given that the webpage and Social Media assets represent your company to the outer-world, how can you fill these big shoes?

Establishing and maintaining your digital footprint is not a task reserved for large companies with large budgets. Make your mark in the social media world by following these 5 easy steps to grow and maintain your company’s profile:

Small and medium businesses struggling with their Digital Footprint
1. Ensure that all of your profile pages together with a consistent theme. Fonts, color schemes, and logos are the same and easily recognizable.
2. Be diligent with your posts. Engage your audience on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Mark your calendar with reminders and check your accounts daily to reply to inquiries. Actively engage in the chatter that you, ideally, are creating.
3. Post your blogs to Facebook, reference on Twitter, etc. Tying posts together is an easy way to reach all of your social media outlets on one single topic.
4. Use colorful images/pictures in your posts. Visuals always capture attention quicker than words.
5. It does not always have to be about business. There are several other topics that can generate publicity for your organization. For example; if your company is active in a charity, you can post your involvement in a non-for-profit campaign.
These 5 easy steps will help your small and medium enterprise to use social media and leave a lasting digital footprint

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