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TechAffinity Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary with Grand Opening of New Office in Kigali, Rwanda

TechAffinity, a leading global technology solutions provider, recently marked its 1-year anniversary with the inauguration of a brand-new office in Rwanda located on the 4th floor of the Cogebanque Building, KN 63 St, Kigali, Rwanda. The event, held at the Cogebanque Building in Kigali, was graced by esteemed guests, Ms. Paula Ingabire, Rwanda’s Minister of ICT & Innovation, was the chief guest for the occasion and Mr. Robert Hale, representing the British High Commission in Kigali, also joined the celebration. Dr. Ron Adam, Ambassador of Israel to Rwanda, cut the ribbon to officially open the office. This momentous occasion highlighted TechAffinity’s commitment to expanding its footprint and fostering strong relationships in the Rwandan technology landscape.

Dr. Ron Adam, Ambassador of Israel to Rwanda with Mr. Jam Nelavai, CEO and Founder of TechAffinity at the ribbon cutting ceremony.
A New Milestone:

The opening of TechAffinity’s new office in Rwanda not only represents a significant milestone for the company but also signifies its dedication to serving the region’s growing technology needs. With its global presence and expertise in delivering innovative solutions, TechAffinity is poised to contribute to Rwanda’s digital transformation journey and support the country’s aspirations in becoming a technology hub in Africa.

Distinguished Guests:

Dr. Ron Adam, the Ambassador of Israel to Rwanda,opened the new premises by cutting the ribbon. His presence emphasized the close ties between Israel and Rwanda in the realm of technology and innovation. Dr. Adam, known for his profound understanding of the tech industry, shared his insights and words of encouragement during the event. As he cut the opening ribbon, he symbolized the inauguration of TechAffinity’s new office and the beginning of an exciting chapter for the company in Rwanda.

Ms. Paula Ingabire, Rwanda’s Minister of ICT & Innovation with Mr. Jam Nelavai, CEO and Founder of TechAffinity at the cake cutting ceremony.

Ms. Paula Ingabire, Rwanda’s Minister of ICT & Innovation was the Chief Guest for the 1st anniversary celebration at the Ubumwe Grande Hotel. Her participation underscored the government’s support for TechAffinity’s endeavors and highlighted the collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors in advancing Rwanda’s digital agenda. Ms. Ingabire’s address to the gathering further emphasized the importance of technology in driving economic growth and empowering the Rwandan people.

Mr. Robert Hale, representing the British High Commission in Kigali with Mr. Jam Nelavai (right), CEO and Founder of TechAffinity and Mr. Anubkumar Dharmabalan (left), Chief Growth Officer at the opening ceremony.

Mr. Robert Hale, representing the British High Commission in Kigali, graced the event with his presence. British High Commision Rwanda and TechAffinity work together to highlight the IT outsourcing opportunities that exist in Rwanda and explore the needs in terms of structural transformation and the greater emphasis on services.

A Promising Future:

TechAffinity’s new office in Rwanda will continue to serve as a hub for delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to clients not only in Rwanda but also across Africa. The expansion into Rwanda reflects TechAffinity’s belief in the country’s immense potential and its commitment to nurturing local talent and contributing to the region’s socio-economic growth.

With a team of highly skilled professionals and a focus on leveraging emerging technologies, TechAffinity aims to assist businesses in Rwanda and the surrounding region in achieving digital transformation and gaining a competitive edge in the global market. By offering tailored software development, migration, software modernization, and other technology services, TechAffinity is poised to play a pivotal role in driving innovation and fostering technological progress in Rwanda.

The opening of TechAffinity’s new office in Rwanda stands as a testament to the company’s growth and dedication to serving the technology needs of the region. The ceremony, attended by esteemed guests such as Ms. Paula Ingabire, Dr. Ron Adam and Mr. Robert Hale, further reinforced TechAffinity’s commitment to forging strong partnerships and contributing to Rwanda’s digital transformation. As TechAffinity continues its journey in Rwanda, it is poised to bring about impactful change, empower local businesses, and contribute to the country’s technology-driven future.

About TechAffinity

TechAffinity is a global software services company that specializes in delivering innovative solutions to businesses across industries. With its wide range of services, including software development, mobile app development, web development, cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain solutions, TechAffinity enables organizations to use the power of technology for sustainable growth and success. Committed to empowering individuals and communities, TechAffinity also offers upskill training programs and youth employment initiatives to nurture talent and bridge the digital skills gap.

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