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The gap between YES and NO!

Yes or No? is a Billion-dollar question and if there is a definite answer then every Entrepreneur will become a successful man.

Who doesn’t have idea? Who doesn’t have dream? Who doesn’t have a fantasy world to live with?

Many got money, Many got support from people around

If the above are available, then what makes a person fail to become a successful entrepreneur?

The answer is simple. The success depends on how we implement. I have an idea to build my dream home. So I have started buying everything required for interior decoration. Now tell me, will my dream of building the best house can be done by buying all these at the first instance? Or can I go ahead and fulfil my dream without these?

The answer is Yes and NO.

The answer is very simple. If the gap between the YES and NO narrows day by day then we are moving on the success path. If it widens then we are on the failure path.

We can surely decide whether we are misfit to become an entrepreneur just by analyzing the gap.

When we want to look at the success of the industry leaders, we always fail to see their past and tent see they’re present alone. Success is the end result of too many continuous processes followed at the appropriate time for very many years.

We should not do the same mistake. We have seen many successful entrepreneurs and equally failed one too. When we look close into their path, we can understand a trend line of similarity. The Success or failure happens with a very small deviation on their process. If we can read, understand and avoid their mistakes then we don’t need to reinvent the wheel again.

The gap between Yes and No decides the difference between “Excellence” and “Mediocrity” of an entrepreneur.

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