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Influencer Marketing – Why it needs to be part of your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Do you find yourself seeking advice on a product or service from the online world? Does your opinion change if you see a review that is either positive or negative? Subject matter experts or people that are passionate about a subject, or have strong opinions are known as influencers. They blog, Tweet, or post and we listen. Influencers have a tremendous following and can sway public opinion from one direction to the next. And this is why it has become important to embrace the power of influencer marketing.

Why Appeal to Influencers?
Influencers have the ear of tremendous amounts of audiences. Some may be famous while other industry experts. The key is to find out who they are in order to grab their attention so they can put the spotlight on you. Your business should utilize the presence of influencers in your industry as an essential marketing push for your products. In doing so, the exposure that your company was seeking could expand to a much larger market giving your business the push it needs without breaking your marketing budget.The Influential Voices of the Net
One approach to enhancing a digital marketing strategy is to try to reach influencers in and around your industry. I know the wording “in and around” seems very broad but, sometimes you have to think outside of the box. For example, if you are an online clothes retailer with a target market that is made up of the Tween community, there are several bloggers in the 13-20-year-old space. But, we all know that the BUYING power lies within their parents so, your marketing campaign may shift to reach parenting influencers or bargain catchers. It is important to seek a person or group that most frequently talks about the keywords that are associated with your Company. Once you have identified the influencers, it is now time to engage and interact with them. The interaction could come in many ways; direct or indirect. Direct interaction is easy. It is a staged event- sending samples or coupons to promote usage. Indirect is a bit more complex. Indirect influencers may not necessarily be asked to promote certain products. They may just mention them because they truly have an opinion based on usage. The followers of this influencer can become engaged with the influencer’s opinion out of sheer curiosity.

Platforms like Avlino’s Alenza are ideal in identifying influencers by way of isolating keywords associated with your Company and extracting who is posting most frequently and when. Reach out to us today for a free demo…. visit or email Your digital presence is our business!

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