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Cloud Computing Pushing back traditional IT

For a common person, computers are just a screen, they even forget that it extends beyond input devices and interfaces. Some even ignore the fact for the need of a good user interface design. There is no particular reason to make a huge change to the way IT is sustaining around the world with most of the people towards it.

Where are System Administrators now?
With changes in the information technology industry behind the screens, the need for server room and the people responsible are completely in the search. Here comes the new technology advance named as Cloud Computing. The servers hosted by cloud computing providers are cheaper than the in-house equipment. Again, where are the system Administrators? Some may wonder as what am I trying to tell but seriously if you just hold a second and think of your office surrounding you will notice that there is something true about this. After the recession, IT has groomed itself and the companies started to hire their own resources, the fact is, cloud cuts the cost to about 85% of the companies budget. This fact has opened the eyes of the upper management and made them think about it.

Cloud Computing Pushing back traditional IT

SaaS – What is it?
Software-as-a-Service: Software as a Service (SaaS) is to be defined as a software distribution platform where the applications are hosted by service providers like us and made available to end-users over a network or Internet. Cloud computing tools have made a drastic change in the techie world. It has also increased the Software engineer’s skill in application development on various Platforms. This software-as-a-service business model is the current trend in offsite hosting and data storage, because of its added advantages like Accessibility, Flexibility, less human resource requirement and reduced cost. Rather than the IT companies focusing and paying a huge amount, they can now pay only the required amount which is comparatively less and will also have access to the software remotely and of course, the internet is a must. The solution based technology software development companies can utilize the advantage of SaaS. Now companies have a scope of setting up a cloud-based infrastructure and develop applications in the cloud for their business needs. I wouldn’t be satisfied if I refuse to say the next few lines. The sales still have another option to focus on and do the regular work of new lead generation, convincing, providing quotations, billing, and closing.

We have already stepped into this growing platform which is going to change the view of the Software Services Industry for the forthcoming years. Our experts have already proved their presence in developing Cloud Computing Applications.

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