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Trending digital payments in 2023


Since the Stone Age, there have been numerous changes to the economy, money, and how we do business. All of them are, in a sense, important markers of our species’ advancement. Our basic manner of life was evident in the rudimentary methods. Similar to how our modern payment systems, which are supported by cutting-edge technology, showcase our technological advances.

The goal of achieving a simple, practical, quick, and safe payment mechanism was greatly advanced by the digitization of payments. Within the last four to five years, there have been enormous advancements in digital payment systems, and more advancements are on the horizon.

Earlier only large companies could afford to invest in technology to undergo digital transformations and give their customers a tech-savvy experience. In contrast, digitising doesn’t require a lot of money anymore. Small businesses are shining and succeeding because they can provide payment solutions that are appealing to their audience because it is ready and simple to use. In this article we’ll take a deep look at each of the market trends for digital payments in 2023.

Biometric Authentication

In 2023, you’ll notice a trend that is quickly taking off. biometric authentication. Biometric authentication is a type of verification that uses a person’s biological and physical traits.

A sizable segment of the population prefers extremely secure payment options to flashy ones. Biometric payments, which provide payment authorization using biological patterns specific to an individual human anatomical composition, are more popular nowadays. Only fingerprint scans, facial recognition, iris recognition, and vein mapping can be used for verifications in the processing of a payment request. Technology has advanced to the point where it can now guarantee against serious identity theft and fraud. The ability of biometric pay to offer such indemnity.

Digital Wallets

In 2021, there were over 2.8 billion users of mobile wallets, and it is expected that number will increase to approximately 4.87 billion by 2025. Additionally, the numbers keep rising. 

You can send money to other users using a mobile wallet, receive money from other users, and save money inside the wallet. Additionally, a user can obtain incentives, pay for tickets, pay utility bills, and much more with the use of a mobile wallet.

In a manner, the epidemic significantly contributed to the popularity of digital payments. Because you may preload money into your smartphone’s digital wallet, both buyers and sellers can use it as a payment channel to transfer and receive money with just a single tap. In 2023, it is anticipated that tap to pay will overtake credit and debit cards as the preferred form of payment at POS terminals. The future of living is cashless, and digital wallets can help you get there.

Buy now, Pay Later

The idea of buying something today and paying for it later has been in the limelight of retail for a while, and we are confident that this is a purchasing strategy that will never go out of style. The affordability of making purchases at constrained periods for customers is now completely stress-free and comfortable, thanks to sellers that provide pay later alternatives. This has merely raised people’s purchasing power and improved sales for merchants. It makes sense that having the kind of spending flexibility that BNPL offers would result in an improvement of the payment methods available today. In 2023, it is very likely to displace credit cards and other conventional payment methods.

Because it is affordable and provides an easy payback method, use of Buy Now Pay Later has increased. By implementing BNPL, businesses can increase sales and profit. BNPL is a practical choice for all stakeholders, including the customer, the retailer, and the lender.

Without a doubt, BNPL will continue to draw youthful people who enjoy shopping and senior citizens without credit cards. Therefore, the BNPL method may eventually displace current credit assessment techniques.

Voice Transactions

Users of home assistants or smart speakers can speak commands into the speaker and hear the speaker’s response back. The user may use voice commands to order food from Zomato, get traffic information, check the weather, and book an Uber ride, among other things.

Many industry titans have made investments in the creation of smart speakers. In the year 2014, Amazon was the first to release its first smart speaker. Amazon welcomed Google Home and Apple in 2016 and 2017, respectively. The speakers that came from smart assistants were basic because they could only be used with phone devices. However, as home automation increased, so did the popularity of smart speakers.

To complete your purchases, you can speak with your home helpers and make your payments while lounging in a bean bag without moving an inch. According to a recent Statista poll, 35% of users have purchased home care, gadgets, groceries, and clothing using voice transactions while relaxing at home. Prior to the return of winter, you might want to have your own AI assistant.

Way Pay

Since the use of mobile phones is at an all-time high, wave pay will become the standard for payment methods. Simply wave your devices across the reader to complete the transaction. It quickly and securely identifies the POS system using NFC technology. This would be a far more convenient and quick manner of payment with strong encryption that would move money to the point-of-sale system quickly as opposed to the conventional approach of inputting a pin number inside payment apps. A reliable payment option to watch for in 2023. Smartphone industry behemoths like Google, Apple, and Samsung have already developed their wave pay systems, which customers may utilize as an integrated feature.


The future of payments is digital. Payment methods will shift from using actual currency to using digital payment methods in the upcoming years. There will be a lot of new digital payment trends that emerge and then vanish before the shift is finished. The future of our payment systems will be significantly influenced by these changes. But how it will all develop will only become clear with time.

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