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6 Contemporary User Experience (UX) Design Trends You Must Know for 2020


Due to changes in information consumption & customer behavior, User Experience Design trends are evolving. However, the one design principle of facilitating – an intuitive, time-saving, and user-friendly experience – remains unchanged. With this outlook, let us explore the top contemporary User Experience Design trends that are being implemented by businesses.

How do you define User Experience Design? 
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User Experience (UX) design is how we make a user feel when interacting with our product, software, application, or website. It is a highly personal experience that allows us to define customer behavior across a platform.  It significantly impacts the success and failure of an organization.

What are some of the Biggest Trends in the UX Design Industry right now? 
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Device Synchronization – Offering Continuity in Service across Devices

Device synchronization is about creating an experience with dynamic capabilities. Designing a consistent experience across platforms like websites, apps, and smartwatches help the user familiarize with our style. By offering continuity in services on various platforms with uninterrupted action, we can ensure user convenience.

Minimalism – Spending Maximum Time on Application

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With constant data overload, customers prefer simplicity in UX design trends. The Minimalist design includes only the essential elements in an application and removes all inconsequential add ons. The user can now decide faster, and this builds trust and confidence in a brand.

What are UX Best Practices?

Mindfulness – Engaging the User with Positive Impact

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on critical issues and ignoring the trivial. For designers who usually follow the standard template, the challenge lies in identifying what satisfies the target audience. By designing content which has a positive impact on user perception, brands can engage the user, attract potential customers, and grow their customer base. This is proving to be an important UX Design Trend.

Storytelling – Giving Appropriate, Contextual, and Friendly Content

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A compelling storyline is at the heart of all great metamorphosis. Firms that offer the best digital experience might succeed if they efficiently describe this process.  By giving appropriate, contextual, and friendly content, brands can appreciate the importance of every customer.

What Growing Trends Should UX Designers Keep in Mind when Designing?

Voice User Interface(VUI) – Effecting a Hands-Free User Experience

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Once considered an extravagance, VUI is the user experience design trend for the now and future. voice assistantvoice assistantA voice assistant is a digital assistant that uses voice recognition, natural language processing, and speech synthesis to provide aid to users through phones and voice recognition applications. like Alexa and Google Home are fast becoming a necessity for gaining customer insights. They find application in features like device unlock, voice search, scheduling, and routine tasks. They are gradually being recognized as the go-to medium for infotainment. By effecting a hands-free user experience, brands can gain greater appeal among their young and growing audience.

The Rise of Gestures – Emulating Common Hand Gestures

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With AR and VR reaching maturity, numerous apps have removed their back, home,  menu, and search buttons. Android’s new mobile update, Android 10 won’t be having any physical or virtual home buttons. Google confirmed this removal by stating that this was intentionally removed as the APIAPIAn application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Basically, an API specifies how software components should interact. Additionally, APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components. has been deprecated for several releases now. So, this is working as intended. Though it attracted criticism initially, the intuitive experience is now being commended in equal measure. Common gestures such as swipes, and flicks, are being emulated by businesses leveraging this UX design trend.

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