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5 Reasons Why You Must Move to a Responsive Design


As this Internet era is moving more and more towards mobile, there is no point in designing a website that will look good only on a computer or desktop screen. You also have to take tablets, laptops, and different smartphones that come with different screen sizes into account while working on a design. This is where the responsive design will be of great help as it will cater to different devices and screen sizes. Additionally, it’s not just about the appearance or look and feel you are going to offer to your customer, responsive design will also result in more user engagement and conversions which will help you to increase your business revenue. If you still wonder why responsive design matters, here’s a stat for you

“Mobile web traffic has overtaken desktop and now makes up the majority of website traffic, accounting for more than 51%”

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider responsive design for your business

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Creating two different sites for your web and mobile audience can cost you more. With responsive design, you can simply work on a design that will cater to different audiences and different screen sizes. By investing in a single design, your website can appeal to visitors from different devices. Also, with responsive design, you can upgrade, manage and support in a single place which can save a lot of time and money.

2. Great User Experience

You never want your website user to wait for images to load or zoom in or scroll down for the content to load on a mobile device. Implementing responsive design will ensure that your website will behave the same way it behaves on a computer screen which will effectively offer a great user experience for your website visitors. This seamless experience that responsive design offers will increase the reliability of your business as well as will increase your reputation among the website users. Be it a design tweak or a typo fix, you don’t have to do it separately for web and mobile, you just have to do it once. This flexibility makes responsive design popular among businesses.

3. SEO Friendly

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that every business is looking to leverage. A well-optimized website has more chances of ranking well in search engines which is the best way your customers can find you online. If there’s one thing that Google emphasizes more than anything, it is boosting the ranking of mobile-optimized websites. If you are not prioritizing mobile responsiveness, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to rank well on search engines. Start leveraging responsive design to meet the necessities of SEO as well as to improve the chances of ranking for a search query.

4. Increases Brand Loyalty

If increasing your visibility is fundamental to grow your business online, the next thing you have to do is to focus on retaining your customers. And this can only be achieved by increasing your brand loyalty with your customer. Responsive design plays a huge role in improving brand loyalty. By doing simple design tweaks here and there to appeal to your customers, you can improve your brand loyalty. Additionally, you should also focus on quality content, clear web layout, and appealing navigation to grasp the user’s attention. A personalized experience will also retain the users which in turn will increase your brand’s loyalty.

5. Increases Sales and Conversions

Responsive design has more mobile-specific features like click-to-call and GPS route planning. These are features that have been specifically created to improve the sales and conversions of your business. With responsive design, your users can access your website using any device and can make a purchase which will result in increased sales and conversions. If your visitor accesses your site from a device for which your website design isn’t optimized, you are missing out on an opportunity to attract your user to make a purchasing decision. Chances are high where the user may never return to your site in the future because of the poor design. Also, responsive design helps you to increase your audience. The more audience you have, the more will be the sales and conversions. So start focusing on your site’s design to enjoy increased sales and conversions.


Responsive design is already a big thing in this Internet era and it should be part of any modern web strategy. With the increased usage of mobile devices across the globe, you are putting your business at risk, if you are not focusing on responsive design. So having a responsive website can save you lots of money, maintenance time and can also increase conversions. If your website is not responsive yet, it’s high time you start implementing a responsive website design for your business.

We, at TechAffinity, have an expert web design and development team that has successfully worked on hundreds of web projects. If you need help with the responsive design, feel free to write an email to or schedule a meeting with our experts to discuss your design needs.

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