JavaScript – Still The Most Popular Coding Language

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A website’s front-end is where intuitiveness and interactive features can be added, and relevant data based on the visitor’s input are stored in the back-end. Though JavaScript has the potential and is versatile in both front-end and back-end, JavaScript dominates the front-end when compared to the back-end. Hence, JavaScript is used to add interactivity on websites.

Beginners love to code in JavaScript as all it needs is a browser and you can start coding and have fun with the front-end development. Apart from the browser, you don’t require any other setup to learn JavaScript!

Let’s have a look at some of the global reports, and JavaScript’s highlights to sustain its top position consecutively for six years!


As said already, with 69.8% (approximately 70%) popularity in 2018, JavaScript tops Stack Overflow chart for the sixth consecutive year. Stack Overflow is a popular website among JavaScript developers and other developers, and it shares the skills of its members with one another through its community.

JavaScript is followed by HTML with 68.5%, CSS with 65.1%, SQL with 57% and, the general-purpose programming language used to create cross-platform applications, Java secured the 5th position with 45.3% in popularity.


According to GitHub, a popular code-sharing website used by a plethora of developers from around the globe released a chart where 2.3 million developers use JavaScript and are the most used programming language on GitHub.

With 1 million Python users in the second position, Java users hold the third position with only 986k in number on GitHub. This vast and never-ending community support is one of the most loved features of JavaScript by its developers.

To your surprise, there are over 3100 JavaScript projects running on GitHub with more than 500 stars and the interest in learning JavaScript rose by 22.3% in 2015.


You don’t have to re-invent the wheel! A developer’s world is all about giving and receiving help. Once you step into the programming world, the importance of the community’s support would be very well understood.

Developer toolkits are essential and more vital. The larger the community is, the more people will build useful developer tools. This makes programming/developing much easier. Another fact is that there are over 600 notable programming languages worldwide and JavaScript tops them.


Since JavaScript is fun and intuitive, used to include interactivity on websites, it is impeccable when it comes to teaching the basics of Computer Science to students. An in-depth understanding of JavaScript helps to understand how it works and enables you in picking up other languages with ease.

With the event-driven programming style, i.e., user events and system events, the flow of the codes are controlled by these events. It is an on-demand programming style for building UIs and also for designing server-side systems.

Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time, React JS is a library and Vue is a framework for building web UIs and is designed to be a simple library are some of the legacies added to JavaScript.

Hence, JavaScript is quite great for coding both front-end and back-end.

There are many ways of finding the demand for a particular coding language. The back-end developers who develop using Node.js makes about $98k in the US, and a survey from Stack Overflow implied that JS developers make about $55k to $98k annually in the US. This implies the intensity of the demand for JavaScript.

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